Saturday, November 1, 2014

God's kind of beautiful

I believe everyone has their own beauty.
And I have my own, which God has added to me (as it was supposed to be) while He created me. 
and it's not the kind of beauty that all the girls probably have. 
it is not the kind of beauty that the world might have always wanted, from times to times. 

this is literally a God's kind of beauty. 

The perfectly perfect love upon me, that makes me beautiful, the way God says it has to.
All the thoughts and the love He is pouring over me, they are all overflowing. 
I have never realized it this much before, and never will I get to understand how much they are.
and how much they have been working until now, and surely forever. 
God has never stopped. and He would not stop to do it. 

He wouldn't stop to remind me how beautiful I am, how perfect I am in my imperfection. 

He would never get tired of this. 
And I know, it's His job to keep checking His to-do-list everyday if He has reminded me of this simply great thing, or whether some time He has to push Himself a little hard to remind me, to make me believe in His beauty upon me. 

There are times when I can simply believe in this kind of beauty.
But even the most calming sea will always has its own waves.
It's hard, most of the time to believe that I have my own beauty, beside all my circumstances.
and I believe this is what everyone, every girl has always been fighting for. 
But God understands. *remember His to-do-list? :)

I am not designed like the others
I don't have what they are all may have
and maybe I will not have what they'll always have.
I don't know. only God knows what I have now, what 'am going to have soon or later.

But one thing true, 

I'm glad He made me realize that I have to believe that I'm enough.
and I'm glad He teaches me to trust my belief, to trust my own beauty. 

It's not me that could make myself beautiful. It's God. 'cause it's not my kind of beautiful. The beauty that God have added to me, it's simply God's kind of beautiful. 

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