Thursday, October 22, 2015

No measurement of beauty

There is no measurement of beauty, no exact tools to define your worth.
The first moment God created woman, He said she was all good, without any measurement. Without any scale. Without any make up. Without fancy wardrobe.
She was already good, the way she was. Too good, as He had put beauty in everything she was.

God loves creating beautiful things, and He creates beauty in each woman.
He creates beauty in you. Just the way you are.
And you don't need to try hard to protect your beauty,
either with strict diet,
or heavy make up tools
either with fancy clothes,
or beautiful heels.
either with all your thoughts, worries, and securities that you have been preaching to feed your soul these days, just because you want to measure your beauty and to keep your beauty safely.

Stop doing and start trusting.

God has the beauty within you, and God protects your beauty Himself.
Because your beauty belongs to God.
Your worth is found in Him,
and it should be returned for His glory. it is not yours.

I have His kind of beauty inside of my soul
And His beauty is forever secure in me
I will trust Him and not my foods
I will trust Him and not my thoughts,
not even my scale
not my own definition and measurement
I will trust Him and nothing else
And I will use this beauty so others can see,
how beautiful my God is. 

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