Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Best Form of Loving

When people are asked to think of their best experience with the love of their life, we can actually guess their answers: those sweet moments... those romantic words... those million of roses... those beautiful gifts... and all and all, the best of the best that they can possibly think of or imagine.

Ever thought how heart-breaking and forgiving can actually make the best form of love?
that's the actual proof that we truly love someone, when we forgive them after hurting our hearts. the only measurement of love. which is to love without any measurements at all.

Far before we can make the best form of love through forgiveness,
Remind yourself the first, best moment when you know God loves you.
How did you know He loves you?
Simple. Because that time, you knew that He forgave you from your sins.

You have received, even felt the best form of love by realizing that God forgave you first; you are forgiven from your sins which hurting God... and knowing that, you learn that forgiveness will always be the best version of loving someone.

it is not those sweet moments,
not those romantic words,
or those million roses,
or those beautiful gifts,
or every beautiful thing that makes you happy.

But it is forgiveness.
To love with the best form of love is to keep forgiving the people you love, even when it hurts. it hurts because you need to forgive. Forgive as He has forgiven you.... and continue to love them....

Forgiveness make the best form of love, so make them feel and receive it :)

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