Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dear fighter...

Does it hurt you that you feel like you can't hold it anymore? Are you feeling tired of all these war? 
Some of you may tired for all these process, all the healing progress, the recovering that seems to take forever... You stand, you fall, you get up, then you find yourselves again falling. Failing. Drowning. Dying. 

Get enough of it. 
This is another turning point, the next level of your turning point. 
Yes this is the pain of healing, the pain of recovering... Yet the blessings that abound. 
You are healed. You are recovered. You have won it all.
It is not because you are not failing. It is not because you are not falling again. 
It is not because you are gaining something.
It is not the matter of all your issues, or all you have been through, or all you have done. 
It is the matter of your heart, your feelings, your emotions.
Your heart matters the most to Him. 
And He did, He took the war and won it for you. 
His cross, His blood already did it all to heal your pain, to free you. 
His love will always breaks your fall, you can't doubt it.
Stop doubting and TRUST.

You will get through this. 

Better days are ahead.
Some days are harder than this.
You have God. 

Be still. 

Don't give up.
Keep fighting.
You are a fighter.

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