Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Love Vitamin

Jesus' love has poured out  through  the cross
giving you the only nourishment for your soul
a love vitamin that nourishes all of your heart,
your soul,
and your body.
to create in you the authentic beauty,
revealed in His graciously love

A beauty that is more than a perfection
more than your physical appearances
your skin,
your hair,
your waistline,
your thighs,
more than all the efforts you do to make it
your diet,
your exercises
more than the things that you could buy with money
your make up,
your beauty products,
your clothes,
your heels
More than everything

It is Him
the one Who created you,
Who has died for you,
Who gives all the beauty you need

Now take the pills
Trust His love vitamin
get the nourishment for your heart, body, and soul
Trust the beauty within you

"You are altogether beautiful, My love, there's no flaw in you," -Sos 4:7

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